Accoding to Pinhas Inbari, a veteran Arab affairs correspondent and analyst for the Jerusalem Center for

Public Affairs, it is in Israel's interest to maintain Jordan's status on the Temple Mount.

He explained that the legitimacy of the Jordanian royal family depends on its status as the custodian of holy Muslim and Christian sites in Jerusalem.

"If they lose the Temple Mount to the Jews, they are finished," Inbari told Israel Hayom. "The Hashemite dynasty comes from the Hijaz [region in Saudi Arabia]. It is foreign and not parth of the Jordanian tribes, which makes up about one-fifth of the Jordanian population.

"Its status among the tribes has greatly deteriorated in recent years. The southern tribes of the kingdom are in a state of unrest and rebellion, thenotrther tribes are eyeing Syria, and only the central tribes, around Amman, continue to support the king and [its members] form his senior command and intelligence.

He continued, "Half a million Shiites live in Jordan, about half of the population are Palestinians, and about 30% are refugees from Iraq and Syria. Israel is well aware that if the Hashemite monarchy collapses – for which the Temple Mount could be a trigger – the loss and danger to Israel could be enormous. In that case, Jordan would become a major version of the Gaza Strip, with tangible threates of missiles, from the south and the north.

"Right now, Jordan maintains our longest border and does the work for us there. The peace with Jordan, the understandingsm, the common interests and the cooperation with the country ona number of security, economic and intelligence matters are all critical, and allow the IDF to focus on sectors and borders where there is no peace," Inbari said.

"Therefore, we, as a country, have an enormous interest in stability in the Temple Mount and in strengthening Jordan's status there, for our own sakes."

Jordan fully determined to end Jewish prayer on Temple Mount –