Russia's invasion of Ukraine means the return of the Cold War, perhaps not in the Iron Curtain format, but nevertheless, relations between the two superpowers have fallen to an unprecedented low that requires the United States to rethink.
One of the least important questions is the Palestinian problem, and the developments in Ukraine are another political blow to Mahmoud Abbas., Since he built his entire strategy on an international conference led by the Quartet, in which the United States and Russia have equal status, and given the atmosphere in the world, where an international conference is, and where quartet. Should the unthinkable occur and the United States prove determination, the parties in the Middle East, including Israel and the Palestinians, will have to take sides. Israel is still hesitant, but the time for the decision can come earlier than expected and it is clear that it stands with America and the West. Mahmoud Abbas sent Mustafa Barghouti to Moscow to influence that in the aftermath of the crisis, Russia would launch the renewal of the initiative for an international conference., As a tool for restoring relationships with the U.S. The method of Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, is that after every war crime that Russia commits in Syria, he initiates an international conference on the Palestinian problem, to purge sins. Their penchant is for Russia, and perhaps they hope to renew via the UN the bloc of non-aligned states and the Palestinian problem will stick to it. It is unclear whether they will succeed, but it is to be believed that this will be the direction in which they will go.