The new development in the Palestinian arena is the prospect of a visit of Abu Mazen in Abu Dhabi in 2 weeks, according to our Palestinian sources.

But in the meantime, Abu Mazen told Sisi that he is waiting to Biden and delay the visit to Abu Dhabi.

Once it happens- It is a dramatic development because of the peace agreement between Abu Dhabi and Israel that the PA rejected vehemently and of course the hosting of Dahlan by Abu Dhabi him being a senior figure in that rich emirate.

According to our sources the figure that led the move is the Fatah senior, Hussein a Sheikh the responsible  in the PA with the relations with Israel and he is the one that also led to the resuming of the relations with Israel.

If indeed the visit of Abu Mazen to Abu Dhabi will take place it will add the PA to the larger Israeli-Sunni alliance against Iran and the Moslem Brothers and a message to the new Biden administration that the USA has a strong allies axis at her service and Biden has no reason to ignore this strong alliance if favor of another adventure with Iran.  

We expect the topics of a possible Abu Mazen to Abu Dhabi to include the issue of Dahlan, the economic aid to the PA and supporting the PA side in the renewed peace talks with Israel.

In the part of the Gulf – beside the obvious demand not to get connected with Hamas and Iran – they also will ask him not to be tempted to push for  “human rights” issues because it is a big problem for the Sunni bloc – Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  

According to our Palestinian sources, Dahlan told the Emirate authorities that he has no problem with the visit – unlike in the past that he vetoed any Abu Mazen visit there.

This means that after the peace treaty with Israel the loyalists of the Gulf in the PA are advancing their chances to win the race of the succession of Abu Mazen after Rajub’s Aruri axis led by Qatar and Turkey is blocked by Abu Mazen.

The axis includes Dahlan’s followers in the refugee camps and east Jerusalem and we can add also Majed Faraj, who is not  a Dahlan follower, but he is allied with a-Sheikh and this may signal the beginning of a larger pro Emirati alliance that has no problem with Israel.

The test will be in the way the PA will handle the issues of the BDS, the Hague and the UN agencies against Israel and of course the issue of human rights.

The one who was committed to those issues was the late Areiqat. Let us see now whether after his death the PA will keep the fervour of persecuting Israel in all possible forums.  But as said the issue of human rights is a trouble to the Arabs and I believe that Abu Mazen will hear about it in the Gulf – if indeed his visit there will take place.