We very much appreciate foreign aid including Japan's. We are very grateful. But to be honest with you on the same time there is growing feeling that what we are doing is not bringing the results we were hoping for. These donors were doing this primarily because they see this as bridge to peace. A bridge to Palestinian statehood that can sustain itself. But the donors are growingly concerned that things are not going this direction especially as the peace talks are not going forwards. If agreements are not reached I think that the donors will ask themselves questions whether this model that we followed so far assuming that one day the occupation will end and the Palestinians will become self-sufficient can we continue with this model and this approach? We also share the concern that it takes so long. What we want to say in this regards is that we want to encourage them not only to provide financial aid and also exert political pressure on Israel to speed up the political solution. Because the political solution will solve our economic problems and therefore the donors problems.