One of the mysteries of Operation in Gaza is the whereabouts of Yahya Sinwar, who is regarded as the head of Gaza.

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He now disappeared. We can neither hear nor see him. According to Israeli sources, in the assessments of the situation prior to this round, it was estimated that Sinwar would not allow this scope of this fighting, and that he would limit the duration of the round to Eid al-Fitr, and not beyond, and that Israel was surprised by the sudden appearance of the head of the military wing, Muhammad Deif, with extremist messages that were not known as Sinwar's messages. Was Sinwar surprised by his appearance? Has Mohammed Deif driven out Sinwar? It is hard to tell. Palestinian sources speculated that Sinwar was hiding in the tunnels for fear of Israeli assassination, and that in any case he did not have the rhetorical capacity required for the current round.
But could it be that not only Israel was surprised by the sudden emergence of Mohammed Deif, but also Sinwar himself? To answer this question, one must remember that the leaders of Gaza had already ousted Sinwar in the March 2021 Shura elections. It took a few re-election rounds until Sinwar returned to lead Gaza. The person who defied him was an unknown figure, Nizar 'Awadallah, one of the Muslim Brotherhood loyalists who poured water on the hands of Sheikh Yassin.
Is a move that began then completed now?
The key to this mystery may be in a speech given by Ismail Haniyeh, Gaza’s leader before Sinwar, who was effectively ousted by Sinwar with the cooperation if the Egyptians and expelled from Gaza. First and foremost, for Haniyeh, Jerusalem is above everything. Not the siege of Gaza, not the plight of the people of Gaza. "Jerusalem is first, since this is the honor of the nation, followed by Gaza" – quote. As far as it is concerned, Gaza is destined to save Jerusalem, and serves high goal "(Muslim) nation."
European leaders should pay attention to the fact that he has also called on European Muslims to rise up to rescue al-Aqsa. He also called on the people of the countries that made peace with Israel to speak out against their governments in the context of Al-Aqsa. What Saudi Arabia should pay attention to it is that Haniyeh has determined that Jerusalem (and not Mecca) is the Qibla – the direction of prayer.
These are messages of the Muslim Brotherhood, which see Jerusalem as the center of the world, not Sinwar, who sees Gaza as the center of the world.
Hence, Gaza is willing to suffer losses in the battle for Jerusalem, and that is not what Sinwar wants.
According to Haniyeh, the person who leads Gaza is the "commander" Mohammed Deif.
Those are not Sinwar's messages. When did we see and hear Sinwar? On the marches of return. Why? Because the problems of Gaza, and the lifting of siege off it, were the message, not the salvation of Jerusalem.
Another message in Haniyeh's speech was to take advantage of the crisis to stop the normalization of relations with Israel by the Arab countries. The Muslim Brotherhood understands that sensitivity on the Temple Mount has the potential to cancel peace agreements with Israel. This is clearly in Iran's best interests. Does Iran participate in the surprise appearance of Muhammad Deif?
Muhammad Deif is affiliated with the pro-Iranian branch of Lebanese Hizbullah. is This where the instructions came from?
There are a lot of open-ended issues that await resolution after the end of this round.