I would like to highlight a few points about the current crisis. First of all, the religious agenda advanced the national agenda, which means that "saving the Al-Aqsa mosque" precedes the creation of a Palestinian state. We see that the Al-Aqsa mosque is taking young Palestinians to die in clashes with the IDF, whereas the Palestinian state is not triggering them clash with IDF. It also unites the Palestinians in Israel and the territories of the Palestinian Authority.
The reason why Palestinians attack mainly Jews wearing kippahs is because they identify the danger for Al Aqsa of the Jewish religion, and religious Jews.
On the phones I made over the weekend with Palestinian sources, I found out as follows: in Israel, the parties that triggered the round of violence were the Arab criminal gangs in Lod and among the Bedouins in the Negev. They probably fear that a political partnership of the Arab and Jewish parties might come at their expense. The Arab and Jewish parties to begin a campaign against criminal gangs together. Now, this seems that there is no escape from such a campaign.
In the West Bank, young people are enthused, but lack leadership. Hamas has taken the hearts of the people, and all the riots are named after Muhammad Deif. In Jenin, the party running the clashes is the Islamic Jihad, and Fatah was dragged behind it. In Hebron, the large families prevented the demonstrations, and East Jerusalem on the last day of Ramadan as I witnessed it, did not want to be drawn into riots and maintain the unity of the city.
In the West Bank, Fatah is attempting to avoid falling behind Hamas and integrate into the riots. In East Jerusalem, Fatah and Hamas are very weak, but the popular support is for Hamas, without the ability of Hamas to translate it into practical terms.
When will this war be over? According to Israeli sources, there are voices in the security system calling for an end to the fighting, but the Prime Minister said that the war would continue as long as necessary. Lieberman said Netanyahu would withdraw the war until the end of Lapid's term, and such a declaration should be taken seriously.