While until now we were used to talking about the Turkish involvement in east Jerusalem,

lately there is a newcomer, the Emirates, and growing involvement of Dahlan’s loyalists that are part of the Emirates infrastructure. 

The prominent sign of Turkish presence was publicity especially in the spread of Turkish restaurants at every corner. This phenomenon ended as Israel forced the owners to move the signs away. 

Instead, there is a new phenomenon that the owners of shops are showing the Turkish signs indoors.

For example, this shop in east Jerusalem that turned out to become an exhibition of Turkish Ottoman propaganda.

photo: Pinhas Inbari

Notice the marked circle indicating a Shisha in the shape to a Kalashnikov. 

Please also notice the photo of Erdogan with Obama that can give you an indication about the priority of Turkey in the approaching US elections. 

In addition to enforcing the publicity of Turkey to hide indoors, and the corona effect that is  preventing the Turkish pilgrims from arriving at the Aqsa mosque there are pressures on the representatives of Turkey in east Jerusalem, the head of the Moslem Council Ikrima Sabri, and Raed Salah is in prison.  

There are institutes of Turkey, that are still open and operating such as Tika and Kanadil, but according to Israeli sources they are keen to keep the law and there is no ground to shut them down. 

While the Turkish involvement is going down, there is a beginning of the Emirates coming in. 

According to sources in east Jerusalem, a giant Emirati construction company Habtoor  https://habtoor.com/en/ is already present in east Jerusalem looking for projects. According to the sources, the Emirates asked Israel to have a kind of monopoly on all projects in east Jerusalem, kind of guardianship, but Israel refused. 

Anyway, we are expecting now huge investments of Emirati money that will mobilize of course political support in east Jerusalem that is supposed to include the Fatah personnel that is pissed with the negligence of Ramallah to them and their needs. 

But the leading force that will lead east Jerusalem to the Emirates will be Sari Nusseiba and the Nusseiba family in general. He was a senior leader in the Orient House, and we noticed some seniors in the old Orient House in his society in east Jerusalem. This society is financed by Abu Dhabi, through Dahlan.

According to sources in east Jerusalem, the Nusseiba family has long-established connections with the Gulf and members in the family represented Abu Dhabi as diplomats in the UN and foreign countries.