A day before D Day, it is apparent now that no annexation will take place tomorrow, but we have to pay attention to what Netanyahu said yesterday – that annexation doesn’t relate to Blue and White that means that he is not planning to blame Gantz on the failure, so he currently does not  have in his mind to call for early elections and as for now the unity government is going to stagger for some time at least until the issue of the budget will be decided.

What can we update on the issue? Foremost of all, Jordan. We learned from our Jordanian sources that the candidate to become soon the new Prime Minister, Faisal al-Fayez, cancelled his plans to enter a confrontation with Israel that including freezing or cancelling the natural gas agreement. It is most probable that the assurances that Israel presented to Jordan that there will be no measure taken in Jordan Valley caused the withdrawal of al-Fayez plans. But, to be honest, it is most probable that the plans were mere tools to pressure Israel in the first place.

Nevertheless, Jordan is the strongest supporter of the PA on the issue of annexation, but there is a paradox here – it is known to all that Jordan wants Israel to be spread along its border and not the PA, still it is the only Arab party that is vociferously   supporting the PA on the issue. It was apparent in the Jericho opening gathering of the campaign that the only Arab ambassador to the PA that was speaking on behalf of the PA was the Jordanian ambassador, while the rest of the Arab ambassadors were sitting quietly listening to the speeches.  

We heard from our PA sources that Abu Mazen asked the Jordanian foreign minister Ayman Safadi, that met him last week in the Muqata’a to convince the Arab league to convene a special conference on the issue of annexation because the Arabs are indifferent to the alarm   calls from Ramallah, but so far the Arabs are not tuned to the issue and beside Jordan the supporters of the PA are the EU the UN and the Hague tribunal that published a statement  on the issue.    

Why would Jordan be the most forwards party to support the PA if they want Israel to stay along the Jordan river? Because the anxiety from deteriorating of relations between the Crown and the Palestinian majority in Amman.

The Palestinians in Amman are quiet, and the Crown wants them to stay calm, regardless of the preference that the IDF stays in the borderline and hot the PA security.