להזמנת הרצאות:

Pinhas Inbari, a senior Middle East analyst for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, told the Post that everyone in the region knew an agreement was in the works.

While Israel now voices its objection loudly with the US – over Syria, the Saudis took a more aggressive stance.

Inbari thinks that Egypt and the Saudis have decided to demonstrate their displeasure with US policy by creating some distance, but not going as far as breaking off relations.

The Saudis are probably saying to Qatar behind closed doors, “We hope you will cooperate with us and not be egoistic,” said Inbari.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia have a competitive relationship and their aims do not completely align.

In the meantime, the Arabs are happy that Israel is making all the noise. They do not want to appear to be in a campaign with Israel, he said.