First, generally speaking it is a great blow to Obama's policy of "outreach to Islam" or "political Islam". It was based on understanding with MBs that they devote themselves to political means and abandon terror (jihad or muqawama).
As a result Hamas first won elections in the PA and then MBs in Egypt. The problem now is for the two sides of the equation- Obama's personal prestige and the MBs being deluded about gaining power through the ballots. They might come to conclusion that their 3 experiences with political Islam have failed: in Algiers, in the PA and now in Egypt, so they have no choice but to adhere to terror.
But, as a matter of fact, MBs did not stick to the agreement or understating with the USA but cheated it- first of all when they established their political party- Freedom and Justice – they did not disband the MBs echelons- so the party was only a tool and the movement stood in place and led the party. They even wrote for Morsi his speeches.
Secondly, they promoted al-Qaeda figures in the administration and local government- and lastly and most seriously they quietly established the "secret apparatus" led by the tycoon Khairat a-Shater that has been disqualified to run for president. There are indications that this apparatus was collaborating with al-Qaeda in Sinai and pro-Iran apparatus of Hamas in Gaza- moreover, Qassam's brigades, were suspected to be the mentors of this secret apparatus- what triggered the army to forcefully destroy the tunnels under Philadelphi route. So, Hamas is going to pay a heavy price now. On the other hand the army and Israel tightened their collaboration in Sinai so in the equation Hamas-MBs we have Egyptian Army-Israel.
I hear now that Obama is supporting Mursi. It does not surprise me as actually all along the crisis all USA proposals included the demand that Mursi stayed in power- much like all Russian proposals for Syria included demand that Assad stayed in power. So, the army move ignored USA pressures. This also does not surprise me as we heard the protesters in Tahrir Square blaming the USA in upholding MBs and destroying Egypt. Now I expect that the new regime once settled down will try to loosen Egypt reliance on the USA. I am curious to watch now whether Ahmad Shafiq will return to Egypt – I am sure he will. After he lost the race against Mursi he fled to the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
Few days ago, Dhahi Khlafan, the security boss of Dubai said that once Mursi is deposed the Gulf will "share its bread" with Egypt. He uses to be very critical to USA alliance with MBs. It means that now after Mursi is toppled; the Gulf and Saudi Arabia may provide for the army the means to stabilize Egypt on the expense of USA aid.